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*If you have difficulty supplying the above details, Please Contact Us.

Asia99 best Gaming Site in Malaysia

Since the 21st century, due to the competition/work pressure in the market, I rarely have time to go out to relax and entertain myself. The most time-saving and best entertainment is online casinos. Nowadays, it is not easy to find an honest, reliable and stable platform. As a gamer, most of the players want to be able to play in a large casino with good reputation and strong funds.

Asia99 cooperates with many well-known platforms, and provides many games including Roulette, Baccarat, Fish, Slots games, Esports & Sports Betting, 4D Lottery.

The members of asia99 are our most distinguished customers. The entertainment of members is our top priority. For this reason, we will provide the best service to our customers. Our company will take B.E.S.T as the service standard.


In order to ensure that members get the greatest feedback while playing games, Asia99 also offers many different Promotion/Rewards. For example, 100%, 50%, 30% newcomer discounts, 0.5% unlimited weekly rebate bonus and 10%topup bonus,Next, we will continue to research more diversified bonuses and activities for players.


Asia99 provides a variety popular online live games, slot machines, sports and more. The websites of each game are currently the most popular, and both beginners and advanced game players find them very easy to operate and use.


Your continuous support is what drives us to do more and to serve you better. Because, ‘Honesty is the best policy’, we keep all process simple and transparent –meaning there’s no surprises, no hidden fees and no confusing jargon. Everything is as it is.

In times when you need any kind of clarification, please feel free to contact our 24-hour Customer Service teams situated in multiple locations. We are always ready to answer questions and address inquiries in a timely manner.


asia99’s goal is to become one of the world’s top international entertainment platforms. We also have a perfect technology research and development team. The purpose is to build a first-class international entertainment platform for players. We are very happy to accept each customer’s comments/complaints, and according to customers Provide feedback to improve/enhance our service and quality.

The Most Complete Online Game Available

asia99 has the most complete technical team and the most intimate and beautiful customer service. Our company is willing to accept any comments and feedback, so that our company can improve and make further progress. We will also discover more new offers and activities so that our customers can profit from the enjoyable games of our company. The Most Complete Online Game AvailableThere are more than 1,000 kinds of games on our platform, which are different live games, slot machines, football, fish and so on.

Online Casino Malaysia Free Bonus Deposit 100%

asia99 Online Casino malaysia has a welcome bonus with minimum withdrawal requirements in the Asian market. The 100% welcome bonus only needs a total of x8 winover to withdraw.

The bonus provided by our company definitely make customers feel that they are worth the money. Online Casino Malaysia In addition of the 100% welcome bonus, our company also has 50% and 30% welcome bonus. The total credit of x3 and x2 winover can be used to withdraw funds. As long as this requirement is met, the company has no limit on the amount of withdrawal. This The welcome bonus is only limited to slot machines, so it is very suitable for slot players. And we also have a 100% welcome bonus for newcomers to our football players. For this, you only need to reach a turnover of x28 to withdraw money, which is also a very suitable discount for football players.

Most Game Promotions With The Biggest Bonus

There are many different online casino companies in the market, and each company has different offers/bonus/promotion and activities to attract customers and reward members. The most attractive thing for ASIA99 is whether you are playing online live games or electronic games. We all have different discounts to choose from, and even different sports events we will follow up as soon as possible, so that our customers can have discounts no matter what games they want to play. Moreover, ASIA99 will hold events from time to time so that customers will not feel that online casinos only gamble on our platform.

The choice of bonus can be roughly divided into first deposit bonus, deposit discount and rebate offer. The first deposit bonus has different options for customers to choose. The first deposit bonus refers to the customer's first deposit and we will give out the first deposit bonus. Let members have more opportunities to show their talents in the casino, whether it is baccarat roulette or blackjack every day, thousands of players will be online to enjoy the pleasure of winning money with you. The deposit discount means that after receiving the welcome bonus, we will give out another 10% topup bonus based on each deposit made by the members so that members can enjoy the company with each deposit. Next is our rebate bonus. Asia Genting rebate bonus adopts a weekly system. Regardless of whether the player wins or loses, only when the player reaches a certain number of rollovers will be calculated by the system and automatically entered into each member’s account every Tuesday.

Asia99 Online Casino Malaysia will also launch time-limited activities such as free credit from time to time, advocating the first experience without recharge, so that new members can not only experience our game platform, but also allow new members to get the pleasure of money withdraw, so that they can be more confident and assured of our platform. . Asia Genting also has high prizes for slot games and live games. The total prize money is as high as 1,000,000.00, waiting for someone to win. When the platform launches new activities, we will put it on the website for the first time so that members can see our latest activities every time they log on to the platform. If you want to ask about the current activity rules, our beauty customer service will be there 24 hours.

How to Register to Play on the Asia99 Site

Asia99 Live Casino Malaysia has always served our members with the principle of customer first, and the purpose is to make the members' gaming experience the best. Regardless of whether the members use a computer or a phone, it can be easily completed, so that members can complete registration and deposit with simple steps without worrying.First of all, members who is gaming with computers click JOIN NOW in the upper right corner, while members who use phones can directly click JOIN NOW and start Live Casino Malaysia registration.

Then members only need to fill in all the corresponding information in the form. It should be noted that the full name must be the same as the account name, otherwise the account cannot be posted when withdrawing money. Note also when the member is filling in When using your bank account number, you must double check whether it is the same as your own bank account number. After filling in the play information, members need to press the submit button below to complete the registration Next, when members want to make a deposit, they only need to find DEPOSIT on the homepage to go to the deposit page, and the deposit can be completed in just a few steps. First, members first choose the method of remittance is online posting or ATM cash deposit. Second, after selecting the bank where the deposit is required, the bank account selected by the member will pop out. Fourth, enter the amount you want to deposit, and press submit after successful remittance to continue depositing. Fifth, select choose file to select the receipt that has just been successfully remitted, and then press the upper leaflet to complete the deposit.

Live Casino Malaysia After waiting for a few minutes, you can go to the main wallet to check whether the fund is deposited, if not, you can go to the bottom left of the homepage to check with our beauty customer service.